Different Types of Bicycle Tires to Make Your Ride Suitable

Are you a daily commuter or who needs flat resistant tires, or an occasional cyclist and just looking for a comfortable ride? Each one of you requires different kind of bike tire to make your ride comfortable & pleasurable. Purchasing a new bike tire shouldn’t be as much complex but there are plenty of variants from one tire type to other one that do not always make you to find the right choice. The bicycle you have and the kind of riding you do has immense influence over what sort of tire will actually deliver you the finest performance. Therefore you can always use some additional information to be able to come up to a conclusion.

Types of Bike Tires

Bicycle Tires: For road bikes, tires are generally sized 700c and in technical terms these are about 622mm in diameter. Their widths normally ranges from eighteen mm to twenty seven mm. Tires that are to be used for long journey are as wide as thirty five mm. The pressure used for such types to tires ranges from 90 to about 150 psi.

Mountain Bike Tires: Bike tires that are normally 26 inches in diameter are made for riding on mountains or similar areas. These are one or two and a half inches wide & have 29 inch rims. These are gaining a lot of popularity among bikers who want to get themselves engaged in outdoor activities. As far as pressure is concerned, it ranges from 30 psi to as high as 60 psi. These are designed to provide maximum grip on the loosest surfaces to make your journey pleasurable.

Others: The most ordinary tires whether for mountain or road bikes are clinchers. Competition road tires are tubular designs that can fuse the tire & interior tube into one unit together. When it comes to tubeless mountain tires these are now becoming very common just like tubular tires. These need specialized matching rims though.

Where to Purchase Bicycle Tires from?
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By now you must have understood what type of bike tires you need and for what kind of riding experience. Purchase from a reliable online source and have a wonderful pleasurable riding time!

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